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A Review of “The Gospel of The Kingdom” Album by Dunsin Oyekan

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DunsinOyekan (The Eagle) has been blessing lives through his holy spirit filled songs and chants, and of course unique sound.

So far, Nigerians have been playing and singing his songs at virtually all Christian gatherings. Songs like ‘Imolede’, ‘Breath‘ and many more have glued to the mouth of many Nigerians; no doubts, Dunsin Oyekan is  touching many lives.

However, on the 17th of January, 2021. Was a release of a new album of Dunsin Oyekan (as promised) which he titles “The Gospel of the Kingdom”. And the album happens to be his seventh. This album is made up of sixteen beautiful songs, which featured the most knowns and less knowns of his song. ‘Yah’, ‘You Remain the Same’, ‘The Advantage‘ and even ‘Fragrance to Fire‘ to mention a few.

‘The Gospel of the Kingdom’ made it to the number one spot iTunes in Nigeria, plus thousands of streams and downloads on other digital stores and blogs within twenty four hours. That shows how accepted Dunsin and his music is – across the country.

Not forgetting his backup team. The instrumentalists, backups, producers and engineers. They played a huge role in painting the album to it’s beauty. The album portrays how improved he has gone with his team. Considering his new sound, instrumentation and strength.

Every song had it’s message and energy applied. Every song was sang according to his experience, view or believe which made them differently beautiful and captivating. And obviously some songs were gotten from deep revelations others from scriptures and even others for life experience. That also made the album consoling, through prayer, encouragement, motivation and believe.

The album seems to be okay on every angle except for the duration. Which could probably discourage someone who intends streaming.

Every one is assured a solace in the arm of Dunsin’s new album. Streaming or downloading could be the best way, to enjoy the captivity of the holy Spirit through Dunsin’s songs and lyrics.

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Album Reviewed by: Joseph Faith Manasseh

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