Oriwoh Finally Breaks the Ice, Release a New Song tagged “Odamiloju”



Fast-rising Music Minister, Lucky Oriwoh releases a powerful single titled “Odamiloju” meaning “Assurance”. While speaking in an interview, below is what he has to say about his music career and the new song.

What keeps you going in our today’s world where gospel music is not as appreciated as circular music?

Yes, yes gospel is not appreciated like other genre of music, but God appreciates it even if there are people who doesn’t appreciate it because we are preaching the Gospel through my song I meditate with the Holy Spirit to preach to them because the spirit man performs better.

So I have that at the back of my mind that I am doing my father’s business and that keeps me going.

Tell us something about yourself that no one knows?

If am to tell you now would mean something else cause I find myself more in Christ as my thirst for him births a new me everyday.

What would you like to achieve with your music in gospel ministry or do you think you’ve achieved it all?

I haven’t because the greatest achievement after this race is to make eternal life and that’s the goal majorly before any other thing.

What I want to achieve through my music is to reach out to many nations, tribe, kingdoms and country all over, Which I haven’t achieved fully yet . In essence I want life soul winning testimonies through my music.

You’re well sought after. How do you manage the attention?

Priority and integrity is germane in dealing with matters in the ministry of God and I make sure the teachings in my songs are very much seen in my life (Please let it be put like that… smiles).

Sorted after all over but yes I still have time for all I want to do according to their scale of preference, and priority as God gives me the strength because He is my strength, buckler and my shield and source

My popularity I also manage with Humility and simplicity for what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose eternally life.

With your new track, Take us through the behind the scene(s) as well as the creative process?

The story behind my new track or the purpose of the song ODAMILOJU is Certain even as people are complaining of the economy and the situation of the country regarding whatever we might be facing in any area of our lives, it’s Certain that all is fine and God watches over His Children.

So far, tell us about the angels God blesses you with?

I have God’s Angels all around me carrying me through in the Ministry,and surely he will also raise Men and Brethren to stand for me as an Angel also (Halleluyah) in the Ministry.

If you could start again, would you chose gospel music?

Yes of course I will always be a Gospel Musician for if my life is not of service to God then it’s  meaningless.

“Odamiloju” is mixed and mastered by Topsound Music and as you listen to this song, you will remain blessed.

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