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Be Careful What You Pray For


Careful What You Pray For


Have you ever prayed for days, months, years and you haven’t seen the signs of the prayer getting answered? Have you ever prayed, get the answers to your prayers and you think the “positive” answers you get are now making your life unfits in any way or the other? Have you ever felt the spark of frustration, or possibly thought God has already abandoned you because He didn’t answer your prayers? I know your answers; you don’t need to give me one.

You must have said in your mind that God is not listening to your prayers or probable deaf that he can’t give ears to your urgent and important requests but mind read what Isaiah 59:1 says.

You want to know the truth? You don’t need to go through all these series of negative thoughts, I am a human too, but those thoughts are not the answers. You want to get the answers? Scroll down and read these word and why you should be careful what you wish for.

That you didn’t get answers to the prayers you have been praying for years, months or days back doesn’t mean God is not on the throne listening to you, it doesn’t mean He doesn’t see you lifting those nagging prayers of your heart, it doesn’t even mean you are unrighteous or the most sinful creature on earth but something must be wrong somewhere, that’s the question you should be asking now!

Yes, something terribly is absolutely wide of the mark which is the COMPLEXITY OF YOUR PRAYER POINT OR WISH. God is not powerless that he cannot answer that your deepest desire, in fact, there is nothing impossible for God to do but the COMPLEXITY OF YOUR PRAYER/WISH will delay answers to your prayers.

COMPLEXITY in this context always shifts against the prayer point or in opposition to the person asking. What you are asking God to do for you might not be the right thing you should ask at that moment. Read what Jeremiah 117:10 says. It might even be dangerous to you if eventually God answer that prayer immediately, it could be a danger to your environment, career, your future and perhaps your generations.

Ok! Imagine a kid, a 10 years old kid asking his dear father to get him his own car. What would be the response of the father? The answer is totally crystal clear. What on earth would a 10 years old kid use a car for?


You imagine someone; let me say someone who is old enough to get married but he/she is not mature physically, spiritually, materially, financially and socially. Do you think this person will get a spouse as an answer to his/her prayer to petting married? And if possibly he/she get the answer and got married, trust me that marriage will not last a year on earth’s surface. Why? Because the right thing this person should put for at that fastidious moment was the spirit of maturity in all areas where it is needed.

Be Careful What You Wish For!



Jesus Christ prayed that he should be relieved of his fate as the one to die for human’s sin when he went to the mountains to pray, as we all know, this is not the right prayer or request He needs to put forward. His prayer points were propelled by the pain He thought he would pass through in the course of the crucification, what if He didn’t change the prayer or wish that day and God answered His prayers? What did you think? There will be nothing like salvation for sinners, nothing like everlasting live for Christians and everyone would perish under the force of Satan and his vices.

It is really good to ask for beautiful things, good things, God does not condemn this but what you think is good for you might not be what you need now, perhaps God knows what’s best for you.

King Solomon was given a shot to ask for what he needed from God and all he asked for was wisdom, knowledge and understanding to rule the children of Israel as good as he could, God approved his requests but as time goes on, King Solomon felt like he was everything but then he slipped and fell down. “Sometimes we don’t get what we want the most just so we won’t feel like god when get it”  Olalekan P. Adebulu quotes.

To be honest, most of your “deepest desires” are subjective to what we see or feel in our environments or surrounding, your prayers are influenced by what you see your friends do or what they have that you cannot possess. There’s no other word I would use to describe this feeling than “Covetousness, Greed and Lack of Contentment”.

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Pray for what you need now, now what you need tomorrow, Asking God for what you need in the future now will do a great harm to your future or what will you now gain in the future when you have already used up everything now? Wait!.. The most creative and lucrative building on earth wasn’t built from the roof to the floor but it was built from the foundation, brick by brick, stone by stone, blocks by blocks until everything stands to be the building you see” – Olalekan P. Adebulu.

You really want to enjoy your life? You want to always find answers to your prayers? All you need to do is ask diligently and ask for the “little” you need now and not the “much” you need in the future. Start by asking God for little things and others will just be a bonus, even the bible justifies this, Mathew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” What did you need? Is it riches, fame, Wealth? Start by asking or seeking for his kingdom first, ask for His grace first, His protection you will need.

That’s the solid foundation on which you can build the lucrative building of your wealth, fame, riches and health upon.

Olalekan Adebulu
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  • Hmmm, there are times I have given up praying to God not knowing my prayer points are the real problem, I have gained a lot with this post.

    Thanks for sharing.

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